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Smile & Smile - Get Happy Bundle!

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Grab all 3 sweet & adorable Smile & Smile (Green, Red, Yellow) at a great price with this bundle!

Happiness is growing a Smile & Smile plant. The colorful plastic pots with a smiling face have a clever hinged lid that allow the pots to be hung — making everything bright and cheery! Three plants/styles are available — Basil (Green), Sunflower (Yellow), and Wild Strawberry (Red). Afterwards, the Smile pots can be re-used as a decorative storage container. 

Materials: Plastic pot with hinged lid, removable inner plastic liner, potting mix, seed pack, instructions

Size Each: 3.25" Ø x 3" H 

Origin: Japan


Bundle Includes one each of 3 styles/colors: GD60001, GD60002, GD60003