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Peropon Drinking Animal Planters!

The adorable and clever Peropons lap up water to feed their plant. Peropons are the original self-watering “drinking” animal planters. Available in six styles. Made in Japan, imported by Noted.

One Thousand Years of Creating with Clay

Many of Noted’s products are made in Seto, a town located in Aichi perfecture of Japan, by small, family-owned makers. These ceramists make products by hand in small production runs with an attention to detail and quality. Seto is one of Japan’s six ancient kiln towns. It has a been famous for its ceramics for over 1,000 years. Today the Aichi prefecture is home to a broad range of ceramic producers from craftsman to industrial manufacturers.

How to Raise Basil

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Red & Delicious

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Prickly but Really Nice

Entering into a relationship with a Golden Barrel Cactus 

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