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Egglings - Get 3 Most Popular Styles!

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Our 3 most popular Eggling styles (Basli,  Cactus and Wild Strawberry) at a great price — perfect for gifting! 

The precious Eggling looks like an extra large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready to grow! Inside Egglings are seeds and growing mixture. Once opened (tap, tap gently with a spoon) sprinkle top with water, fill tray with water and set in warm spot. Soon plant will sprout. handmade in Japan, Egglings are made from clay, fired and unglazed. This means that plants started in an Eggling can be transplanted to plant container or garden. Just drop into soil and break up shell. All Egglings are packaged in a colourful and distinctive gift box. 

Materials: Unglazed ceramic egg-shaped pot, potting mix, seeds, seed pack, terra cotta tray, instructions 

Eggling Size Each: 2.125" H x 1.875" Ø

Package Size Each: 3" W x 3" D x 3.125" H 

Bundle Includes one each of 3 styles: EG01-03, EG32, EG34