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Too Cute!

These darling hedgehogs are a cute way to start a plant. Each comes with seeds, peat puck and growing instructions. Just add water and sow the seeds. Soon a seedling will sprout on your hedgie's back! Once established, simply remove the peat puck — plant and all — and transplant directly into a bigger pot or the garden to fully mature. Then enjoy your ceramic hedgie as a curio or small container. Hedgie Green comes in three colors (Blue, Pink, Green) each with a distinctive plant (Peppermint, Wild Strawberry, Sweet Basil). Now what's not to love about these sweet, little hedgies? 

Materials: Ceramic hedgehog, coco fiber wafer, seed pack, instructions

Size: 2" W x 3" D x 1.5" H 

Instructions: English, French, Spanish

Origin: Japan