Hedgie Green
ENFRESDEToo Cute! These darling hedgehogs are a delightful way to start a plant. Each comes with seeds, a peat plug and growing instructions. Just add water to expand plug and sow the seeds. Easy to transplant to larger to larger pot or garden once established. Now what's not to love about these sweet, little hedgies? [...] Read more »
Jar Garden
ENFRESDEHomespun Ceramic Jar + Plant Since its creation in the 19th century, the Mason jar has become a symbol of American utility and thriftiness. Admirable traits to inspire an herb growing kit! Made of ceramic and sporting a script “grow’”across its front, the half-pint sized Jar Garden comes with inner pot, growing mix, seeds and [...] Read more »
Ladybugs – Flowering Fortunes
ENFRESDEHidden inside each of these darling good luck charms is a fortune that flowers. Simply pull the string on the bottom of the charm to release the fortune. The fortune's paper is embedded with flower seeds. After reading the fortune, sow it and watch luck bloom! The fortunes are similar to traditional "o-mikuji" (paper fortunes that are usually received when [...] Read more »
Lucky Ducks – Fortunes
ENFRESDEHidden inside each of these darling little ducks is a fortune that flowers. Simply pull the string on it's underside to release the fortune. The fortune's paper is embedded with flower seeds. After reading the fortune, sow it and watch luck bloom!  The fortunes are similar to traditional "o-mikuji" (paper fortunes that are usually received [...] Read more »
Matchstick Garden
ENFRESDEGrow an herb or wildflower garden from a matchbook. These cute Matchstick Gardens hold a clever secret inside: plant their matchsticks tip first in soil and you’ll soon have a flower or herb garden growing. Each of the 10 matchsticks inside has pre-mixed seeds on its tip, ready to grow either herbs and flowers! The [...] Read more »
Mug Garden
ENFRESDECharming Hydroponic Garden Kits! Mug Gardens are cute on the outside and clever on the inside. Inside they have all the workings of a hydroponic planter — an inner pot, wick, potting medium and seeds. Inner pot's wick soaks up water from the mug to feed plant. The inner pot also makes care and transplanting [...] Read more »
Moss Garden
ENFRESDEFeel the Seasons Now you can create your own peaceful garden. The kit comes with a stout ceramic tray, sponge tray liner and moss. Just lay sponge in tray, add moss, cover sponge with sand, and mist with water. The dormant moss will awaken turning subtle shades of green. Embellish your garden with the miniature [...] Read more »
Papa Peropon
ENFRESDEBig Slurpers! Peropons have now been super sized! Twice as big as the original Peropons, Papa Peropons really lap up the water to feed the plant on their back. These big daddies' pink felt tongue is connected to their pot delivering water from tray to plant. Made of glazed ceramic, Papa Peropons come complete with [...] Read more »
ENFRESDE"Slurp! slurp! slurp!" The delightful Peropon lap up water from the tray and miraculous feed the plant on their back!  Their secret is that their pink felt tongue is connected to their plant's pot. Made of glazed ceramic, Peropons come complete with everything needed to grow. A fun and amusing gift! GD645 Peropon - Assorted [...] Read more »
Pigs O Plenty – Fortunes
ENFRESDECute Little Pigs, Plenty Lucky! Pigs are often considered symbols of wealth and good fortune. And why wouldn’t these adorable little piggies bring their owner wealth and good fortune? For inside each one is a paper fortune which not only offers guidance on eight areas of life but blooms to boot! Simply pull the string [...] Read more »
Plants Rock!
ENFRESDERocking the Plant World Are you ready to rock? Then rock a Plants Rock! Crafted to evoke nature, Plants Rock are handmade ceramic containers beautifully glazed to look and feel like a rock.  With opening on the top and a hollow inside, Plants Rock comes in a variety of rockin’ shapes. Each one is complete [...] Read more »
ENFRESDEClever Animal Planters with Self-Watering Tail New from Japan, adorable Shippon animal ceramic planters with clever siphon tails. The fabric tail soaks water up into the planter feeds the plants! Three styles come in the assortment — cat, dog and monkey — each grow a popular plant (clover, wild strawberry, and basil). A small plastic [...] Read more »
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